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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, newly-confirmed Interior Department secretary Ryan Zinke has signed an order reversing an Obama-era ban on using lead ammunition for hunting in national parks. Real freedumb is using poisonous bullets! Yeehaw!

Meanwhile, cities in Texas are already seeing the possible consequences of the state passing an anti-transgender "bathroom bill."

San Antonio officials are saying the consequences are already real. Three groups that had been considering San Antonio for conventions or major events have already crossed us off their list. Another eight conventions the city has already booked have said they’ll cancel if lawmakers pass the bill.

Finally, some details about the GOP's Double Secret Obamacare Repeal Bill have been leaked to Politico and it's pretty much the same. The bill still contains the terrible refundable tax credits and taxes on employer-based healthcare. It will also roll back Medicaid expansion. This thing is DOA.

I caught the first showing of Logan last night. It was magnificent and exceeded most of my expectations. The film score was excellent. Jackman put in his best performance yet, but for me the real star was the young Dafne Keen as X-23. If you're considering seeing it, know that it's probably not safe for children and not just because it's extraordinarily violent.

  • Wry Grin

    There is a vitally important issue which must be addressed to stop the subjugation of Americans by those who despise and exploit them.

    Blackbox electronic “voting” is the digital death of democratic representation in government.

    The Russians and/or who knows who all else just took advantage of an easy opportunity, much as car thieves who can’t resist stealing luxury vehicles left unlocked with keys in their ignitions.

    Things which should be known beyond all doubt:

    How many eligible electors were removed from the electronic database rolls? Who were they, and who removed them?

    For the massive majorities of electors forced to use paperless DREs, ballot opscans, polling precinct communications computers, and central tabulators built by foreigners and owned/operated by private corporations, exactly what hardware, firmware, and software – including backdoors – were involved? Exactly what chain of custody existed, if any, for all devices and removable media used on those devices?

    What security measures were implemented, if any, to the modem transmissions of data sent from polling precincts to county elections officials?

    If these things can not be known beyond all doubt, the results of any “election” are invalid.

    At least paper ballots counted by hand can be observed throughout the process.

    Any American who appreciates the ideals on which the USA was originally based would fight to the death for representation in government, as this nation’s founders were willing to do. If this “election” were legit there would be nothing to fear for the status quo, but if not it would signal a clear call for the restoration/implementation of genuine democratic processes in this republic.

    Questioning the blackbox is totally appropriate.

    The rigged “voting” systems don’t allow for valid recounts or audits.

    Too many vital states use completely inappropriate electronic “voting” systems. Florida uses paperless and other suspect equipment in its major population areas. Michigan uses paper ballots but they are “counted” with opscans shown to be subject to tampering. Wisconsin is worse, with some paperless systems even more easily manipulated with no hope of recounts. Pennsylvania is by far one of the worst examples of a state forced into use of a totally paperless DRE-based system allowing for no valid counts or recounts. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as numerous other states, replaced real voting by the use of antiquated Asian mystery hardware/firmware/software accessible by myriad entities including but not limited to felons, rabid partisans, traitors, and foreigners such as Chinese and Russian hackers. There are touchscreens subject to various types of tampering including backdoors and simply applying viscous substances to the screens. Pedro Cortés illegally stopped PA citizens from demanding that the “voting” systems be examined by experts because he knows they’re defective and easy to rig.

    People in most states have to wait in long lines to try to use such unreliable machines when using paper would be much faster and more convenient. You can’t expect valid elections when you outsource them rather than making sure they’d involve ballots and counts made in the USA.

    In strategic population centers of over 40 states, actual counts of real ballots have been replaced by the use of foreign-built devices owned by unaccountable corporations. These electronic systems are proprietary and of undisclosed design, build, programming, and operation. They are vulnerable to easily-concealed manipulations and known to lose, switch, and fake votes. Even mailed, absentee, and other handwritten ballots are manually fed into hackable opscans, and the central tabulators are particularly problematic. They were unsecured and obsolete when new and that was over a decade ago now. Thus democracy dies via digital disenfranchisement.

    Some wonder why more tech savvy young people don’t turn out to vote. Those young people wonder why they try to call it that.

    A very partial list of computer experts who have pointed out the problems includes, but is not remotely limited to:

    Aviel Rubin, PhD, Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University
    Edward Felten, PhD, Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer for The White House, formerly Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University
    Michael Fischer, PhD, Professor of Computer Science at Yale University
    David Dill, PhD, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University
    Rebecca Mercuri, PhD, Computer Security Forensics Consultant, former Fellow, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University
    Douglas Jones, PhD, Professor of Computer Science, University of Iowa
    Herbert Thompson, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University

    See also:

    Watch this video for an excellent summary: