A Rifle Designed for Kids: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

My Friday column:

You know, I was just thinking the other day, wouldn’t it be great if someone manufactured firearms specifically designed for children? After all, it’s the constitutional right of every American to own a firearm without restriction, and the inability of children to adequately handle an adult-sized firearm due to their smaller stature and poor upper-body strength is an unforgivable trespass against the Second Amendment. To prevent a child from owning a gun because they’re weaker, shorter and possess underdeveloped motor and cognitive skills than most normal adults is indeed unconstitutional — at least according to gun zealots who will settle for nothing other than universal gun ownership.

Well, problem solved. Introducing the Crickett Youth Rifle.

No, it’s not a spoof video by The Onion, however much I wish it had been. A gun manufacturer has actually produced a real-life rifle that’s the perfect size for children (or dwarfs), and, based on the fun family-friendly tone of the commercial, not to mention the zany cricket cartoon mascot, they appear to be marketing these guns directly to kids, describing the Crickett with the first person possessive: “My First Rifle.” [continue reading here]