A Virus Stimulus Bill Could Be Held Up By Abortion

Written by SK Ashby

While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has just canceled the Senate's upcoming recess to pass a stimulus bill of some description, that does not mean they will quickly pass the bill that House Democrats will undoubtedly pass very quickly.

Trump and congressional Republicans have called the Democratic bill -- which includes things like paid sick leave and free testing -- a wishlist of political "goodies" and, according to several reports, Senate Republicans want to include language to ensure none of the funding will be used to cover abortion.

From Bloomberg:

While the president objected to Democratic “goodies” in the bill, the White House and Republicans in Congress had their own objections, including demanding assurances that no federal money would be used to fund abortions, according to two people familiar with the issue.

The package of measures introduced by Democrats Wednesday night includes emergency paid sick leave, enhanced unemployment benefits, and free coronavirus testing. The House plans to vote on the package Thursday, and still plans to leave Washington Thursday for a week-long recess.

There are things in there that have nothing to do with what we’re talking about,” Trump told reporters during an appearance with the Irish prime minister. “So, it’s not a way for them to get some of the goodies that they haven’t been able to get for the last 25 years.

Speaking of things that have "nothing to do with what we're talking," I'll take abortion for $500, Alex.

In addition to demanding that anti-abortion language get added to the bill, the latest reports suggest that Senate Republicans are also objecting to the bill's language on paid sick leave.

And you know what? If Republicans want to show their asses for a few days before finally agreeing to pass something, they can go ahead. It would be great for the country if Mitch McConnell becomes the minority leader next year. Making significant progress on virtually anything requires that Democrats retake control of the Senate and Republicans are doing their part to ensure that happens.

Vulnerable Republicans like Senators Susan Collins and Cory Gardner are going to get buried in an anti-Trump, pro-Biden wave.