Trump Regime

“A war room? You serious?”

Written by SK Ashby

When Democrats take control of oversight in Congress and special prosecutor Robert Mueller releases his final reports, how does the Trump White House plan to handle it?

They aren't planning.

Over a dozen Trump regime sources who spoke to the Washington Post say the White House isn't making any plans at all and intends to just "wing it."

The White House is adopting what one official termed a “shrugged shoulders” strategy for the Mueller findings, calculating that most GOP base voters will believe whatever the president tells them to believe. [...]

Rather than building a war room to manage the intersecting crises as past administrations have done, the Trump White House is understaffed, stuck in a bunker mentality and largely resigned to a plan to wing it. Political and communications operatives are mostly taking their cues from the president and letting him drive the message with his spontaneous broadsides.

“A war room? You serious?” one former White House official said when asked about internal preparations. “They’ve never had one, will never have one. They don’t know how to do one.”

Trump evidently believes his voters are morons and I completely agree with that assessment, but it doesn't matter. They can believe whatever they want to believe.

A Democratic coalition that is capable of defeating Trump in 2020 does not include the red hats or people who will "believe whatever" Trump tells them to.

The coalition that delivered 40 seats to House Democrats -- people of color, college educated whites, and suburban soccer moms -- last month can only grow over the next two years as Trump bumbles and blunders from one disaster to another, and in the near future he won't have the benefit of a Congress that is completely uninterested in scrutinizing his actions.

It may be underappreciated that Trump's approval rating has hovered around 38 to 40 percent during a period in which our Republican-controlled Congress deferred to him at all times.

The Trump White House hasn't had to deal with an adversarial Congress for a single day of his time in office and Trump has still managed to turn everything he touches into shit.

President Obama had to deal with congressional Republican fuckery for the majority of his two terms in office (6 out of 8 years) and he's still one of the most admired men in the world who left office with a healthy economy, no indictments, and no legitimate scandals.