Senator Barack Obama

A Grand Three Grand For Obama

It's time for a donation rally. Let's raise a thousand three thousand dollars for the Obama campaign before tonight's debate. A grand Three grand in one day.

I know the economy is rough right now and money is tight. Believe me, I know. But I think we can each afford $5 or $10 for America's future. And it'll all be bundled as a group donation from our GDAB community -- the smartest, funniest online community I've ever had the honor of being a member.

Click the widget and toss a five or ten into the pot.


UPDATE: Holy crap! We're almost there. $940 and it's not even Noon EDT. I might have to raise the ceiling.

UPDATE THE SECOND: You're too awesome. I've hiked the goal ceiling to $2000. The graphic refreshes every five minutes -- not in real time. So it should reflect the new goal any minute now.

UPDATE THE THIRD: The biggest donation (so far) has come from reader Greg Moreau. $250!

UPDATE THE FOURTH: We just topped the original $1000 goal. Time for a music video to celebrate:

1PM EDT: This is just amazing. It looks like I'm going to have to raise ceiling yet again. When we get to within $100 of $2K, I'll pop us up to $3000.

1:24PM: And BOOM! We hit $2000 in under three hours (opened the post at around 10:30PM EDT -- disregard the bumped time stamp). So, that's right, I've raised ceiling -- again! -- to $3000. GO!

5:41PM: We're only $320 and 3.5 hours away from the goal. Almost there!

6:13PM: Only $180 to go!

7:14PM: WE DID IT! $3015 for the Obama campaign. Woo-hoo! Congratulations everyone. Meanwhile, I'm going to up the ceiling.

7:16PM: Stats...

Your Goal: $3,000.00
Total Raised / % of Goal: $3,025.00 / 100.8%
Total Contributions / Avg. Contribution: 116 / $26.08