George W. Bush

A Veterans Day letter to the President

From the diaries at dKos:

Dear George.

I am a Vietnam-era graduate of the US Naval Academy. I served in the Navy for nine years, three of them working with airborne Marines and the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. And I am so fucking angry I could scream.

Your piss-poor speech today - of all days - proves that you don't know jack shit about the military and the needs of men and women in uniform. You took a sacred occasion and turned it into a political soapbox to cover your chickenhawk ass. Fucking coward.

It's no wonder though. While serious people with real commitments were out fighting for this country honorably, you were a fucking liar and a deserter. You drank and snorted your way through a cushy-ass TANG assignment with your blue-blood daddy lying to cover your crimes. While the rest of us matured and grew into responsible adults, you fucking slid along like always, spending other people's money and passing the buck. You never learned the truth about leadership. It's all a fucking game to you.

Now you're spending other people's lives. That's right, fuckhead. OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES. Do you understand what an embarrassment you are to real veterans? Do you understand what a blight your administration is to honest, hard-working military professionals all over the fucking world? Do you understand anything besides how to shuck and jive and blame somebody else for your stupidity and incompetence? You make me sick.[Sentence redacted for fear of Secret Service retribution.] I know more than a few senior officers in the Navy and Marines . . . and they all think you're a fucking disaster. Many can't wait to get out from under your criminal command. Many more would just as soon frag you as look at you.If you were an honorable man, you'd resign from office and apologize to the world for your lies and incompetence. But we know you are not an honorable man.That's why we're going to take back Congress. And then we are going to impeach your lying ass. That's right, asshole, you are going down.Anglico