(Cartoonist - Bruce Plante)

In other news, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a brief in support of North Carolina's assault against transgender bathroom access and the Civil Rights Act itself.

Meanwhile, Paxton has also filed an appeal seeking the right to block Syrian refugees from entering the state of Texas. The U.S. recently reached its goal of admitting 10,000 refugees.

I'll let you know if Paxton decides to kick a puppy in his spare time.

Finally, it looks like one of the biggest radio advertisers in this election cycle is just a couple college bros who are raising money to help Trump but aren't spending it to help Trump. All the money is being used to raise more money.

Cammer’s Facebook lists him a student at Texas Tech University. His public address is listed on FEC filings as a guest house for students two blocks from the University of Texas at Austin. Photos on from Cammer’s Facebook show him living at the house. The PAC’s address is listed as a co-working space in Austin.

Reyes role with the PAC is unclear. His LinkedIn profile lists him as a founder of “Modern Media Group LLC” and April FEC records show a $10,000 payment from the PAC to that group.

It's no coincidence these frauds are running ads on Limbaugh and Hannity.

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