Election 2012

About that Chinese Sweatshop in the Romney Video

The Boston Globe reports on the possible identity of the Chinese electronics "factory" Romney, on the video, said he purchased:

When Romney was at Bain, the firm also invested in a Chinese company called Global Tech Appliances Inc., which manufactured washing machines and other products at Chinese factories to export to US consumers.

According to Securities and Exchange Commission documents that were first reported by Mother Jones magazine, a Bain Capital affiliate, Brookside Capital Partners Fund, acquired about 6 percent of Global Tech Appliances on April 17, 1998. Romney was listed as the “sole shareholder, sole director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Brookside Inc. and thus is the controlling person of Brookside Inc.”

As I wrote in my column, it's obvious here that Romney not only owned a Chinese sweatshop, but that he personally toured the facility and took note of the brutal conditions there. Furthermore, Global Tech Appliances was sued for patent theft by a French company. Romney's Chinese electronics company lost the suit and, with it, $2.65 million in damages.

This is the creep who wants to be our next president? Even though he only appears to have owned six percent, he clearly says in the video that he traveled to China to "buy" a factory there. Either way, horrible.