About Those Job-Killing Regulations

Those "job-killing" regulations the Obama Administration has supposedly presided over and really failing to impress me with the number of jobs they've presumably killed.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) asks executives to report the biggest reasons for layoffs. Data released last week showed that out of 1,870 layoffs, only six — or about 0.4 percent — in the third quarter of 2010 were due to “Governmental regulations/intervention.” That number dropped even further in the first two quarters of 2011.

By comparison, almost 35 percent of layoffs were due to business demand.

“Based on the available literature, there’s not much evidence that EPA regulations are causing major job losses or major job gains,” Richard Morgenstern, a former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official who now works at the nonpartisan think tank Resources for the Future, told The Washington Post.

Only 0.4 percent?

As Americans, shouldn't we expect more killing power out of our supposed "job-killing" regulations? This is an outrage! False advertisement!

Meanwhile, 35 percent of layoffs can be attributed to a lack of consumer demand, and do you know who is absolutely adamant about not lifting a finger to stimulate demand? Republicans.

They're still expecting the supply-side fairy will sprinkle us with jobs if we just coddle the "job-creators" a little while longer. That's despite the complete lack of evidence to suggest that will ever happen.