About that phone call…

So let's give Hillary the benefit of the doubt, and assume she, unlike many top NY Dems, didn't get the phone call about Spitzer on Friday. Let's assume she got the phone call when the NY Times reported Spitzer's mess yesterday afternoon. Monday. Let's say around 3 PM.

It's now Tuesday, at 11 AM. Twenty hours later.

And Hillary has yet to make a judgment. She's still waiting and seeing.

I wonder what the little girl in the stock footage of the "3 AM" ad, you know, the one who grew up to be an Obama supporter, I wonder what she thinks of this twenty-hour plus delayed reaction from Senator Clinton? I wonder what any woman who thinks seriously about the connection between patriarchy and prostitution thinks about Senator Clinton's "wait and see" response. I wonder if Geraldine Ferraro thinks that Hillary is just unlucky that she has to weigh in on this. I wonder if Gerry thinks Hillary is as unlucky as the women employed by the Emperor's Club. Or the 13 year old girls who worked for Wal-Mart in that Bangladeshi factory when Hillary was on the Wal-Mart board.

But mostly I wonder why Hillary is so incapable of having anything other than a calculated, tactical response to the Spitzer mess or, really, to anything else.

I wonder how long I'll have to wait to get an answer to any of this.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for Hillary's response to that ringing phone of twenty-plus hours ago.