Abstinence Education Doesn't Work

The latest teen pregnancy numbers from the CDC:

The number of teen births in the U.S. dropped again in 2010, according to a government report, with nearly every state seeing a decrease. Nationally, the rate fell 9 percent to about 34 per 1,000 girls ages 15 through 19, and the drop was seen among all racial and ethnic groups. Mississippi continues to have the highest teen birth rate, with 55 births per 1,000 girls. New Hampshire has the lowest rate at just under 16 percent.

And like Mississippi, the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy are the states that highlight abstinence over other birth control methods. Meanwhile, those are the states with the most restrictive anti-contraception and anti-abortion laws. I wonder what's going to happen with all of those unplanned pregnancies. Tragic.