Stupid Party

Adults Extend Peace Offering to New Hampshire 4th Graders

Written by SK Ashby

Lawmakers in New Hampshire have either learned their lesson or they've run out of fucks to give.

I'm leaning toward the latter.

A month after rejecting a 4th-grade student proposal to name the red-tailed hawk the official state raptor because the hawk is just like abortion, or something, lawmakers have advanced a bill to name the wily bobcat the official state wildcat.

The students, from the Well School in Peterborough, told lawmakers that the bobcat's independence and resilience are qualities shared by New Hampshire residents and that the animal is symbolic of the state's natural beauty. [...]

The bobcat bill now heads to the Senate floor. Senators have no formal plans to reintroduce the red-tailed hawk bill, but Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn said a comeback is always possible.

To be fair, state lawmakers commissioned a study committee to examine the process by which proposals such as this become law, but I have serious doubts that a person who would compare a bird to Planned Parenthood is capable of learning a lesson.