AFA’s Fischer: Ben Carson Offended People by Apologizing

Written by SK Ashby

Would-be presidential candidate Ben Carson offended and insulted a lot of people, for a lot of reasons, when he said that prison rape is proof that homosexuality is a choice.

For the religious right, however, it was Carson's apology that offended them.

The American Family Association's Byran Fischer initially applauded Carson for his remarks, but yesterday he attacked Carson for apologizing.

"Dr. Carson seems to be not considering the possibility that some people could be offended because he apologized," Fischer said. "They're disappointed in him because he apologized." [...]

"He may have done fatal damage to his campaign with his apology last night," Fischer said.

It may just be my particular sense of humor, but I found this to be extraordinarily hilarious. Because in a situation where you or I may see an apology as necessary, the religious right sees an apology as an affront.

Fischer went on to say that Carson needs to "decide right now whether he is going to listen to God or his handlers."

If God says you should use prison rape as proof that homosexuality is a choice, I think you should listen to your handlers instead because God is an asshole.

The best option would be to not say horrible shit to begin with.