War On Women

Alabama Forced to Cover Planned Parenthood’s Legal Fees, Governor Calls it a “Win”

Written by SK Ashby

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley was the first but not the last governor who unilaterally terminated his state's Medicaid provider contract with Planned Parenthood.

I suspect he also won't be the last governor forced to cover Planned Parenthood's legal fees because he overstepped his authority for unsubstantiated reasons.

Planned Parenthood clinics in Alabama do not participate in fetal tissue research programs and they never did, but Governor Bentley adamantly believes he forced them to discontinue a program that never existed.

"It was a win," the governor said. "Headlines may not show it was a win, but it was a win. When you can get an organization like Planned Parenthood that was doing such despicable things as selling body parts – regardless of how you feel about abortion, and whether you think abortion should be legal or not, selling body parts and doing an abortion to harvest body parts is a despicable act."

Selling body parts on some kind of black market would indeed be despicable. The good news is it never happened.

We can confirm that it never happened because Planned Parenthood won in court. Alabama lost. Governor Bentley lost.

I honestly don't know if Governor Bentley is lying his ass off or is actually dumber than shit. If anyone from Alabama is reading this, maybe they can enlighten us.