Super Stupid

Alabama Votes to Ban a Thing That Doesn’t Exist

While several states and cities voted in favor of initiatives to increase their minimum wage yesterday, Alabama went another direction.

The threat of Shariah law has been vanquished in the state of Alabama as voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban “foreign laws.”

The ballot initiative, commonly referred to as Amendment 1, passed on Tuesday with an overwhelming 72 percent of the vote. Although the measure does not specifically mention Shariah law, it mirrors similar efforts in Kansas other parts of the country to ban the Muslim moral code. It was also first introduced by Republican State Senator Gerald Allen, who proposed another law in 2012 that would have explicitly banned Shariah law.

Of course the initiative did not explicitly name Shariah law because that would be unconstitutional, but let’s get back to the idea of banning foreign laws.

Has a foreign law ever been used in Alabama? No. Could it be used? No. Could it be used if they hadn’t passed this amendment? No.

This is unquestionably stupid, but everything else in America is unquestionably stupid right now so it remains in the spirit on the season.