Conspiracy Theory Stupid Party

Alex Jones Credits Trump for Mainstreaming His Brand of Batshittery

In America in 2016, Fox News is fading and InfoWars is rising.

This is not a coincidence as Trump himself is a big fan of conspiracy theory kingpin Alex Jones and some of Trump's closest staff and long-time associates, such as Roger Stone, are frequent guests on the Jones show.

Trump has also personally shared or floated numerous conspiracy theories from Vince Foster's alleged assassination to accusations that President Obama wasn't born in America. He is running a campaign fueled by conspiracy, cynicism, and distrust of government.

Alex Jones held a rally outside the GOP convention this afternoon where he boasted that issues he talks about have been mainstreamed thanks to Trump.

Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, held a pro-Donald Trump rally in Cleveland outside of the Republican National Convention today, where he thanked the soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee, a past guess on Jones' bizarre radio program, for bringing his ideas into the mainstream.

We see the information that we talk about that was seen as radical becoming mainline,” Jones said. “We have to be ready to win. We have to be ready to take the system back and restore the republic.”

What you have to know about Alex Jones is that, like Donald Trump, he is a grifter.

Even if Trump wins in November, Alex Jones will turn against him because the show must go on. There must always be a boogeyman. There must always be a grand conspiracy. Jones as been at this for a long time, from the 1990s to the present day, and he didn't get here by trusting any particular leader or party in government.

Jones may be an opportunist and a grifter, but he's intelligent enough to know it's unlikely that Trump will win in November, and he's counting on that. Because if Trump loses, it's just another sign that the grand globalist conspiracy is alive and well and willing to steal the election for Hillary Clinton, their new puppet.

The show will go on in 2017 just as it did when President Obama replaced President Bush.