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Alex Jones Posts Insane Anti-Obama Rant, Commenters Post Insane Assassination Threats

Checking in on Alex Jones every few days is one of my guilty pleasures. Observing his ridiculous conspiracy theories as well as his manic paranoia is mindlessly entertaining. Most of the time. It’s like gazing through a one-way mirror into a locked room full of whacked-out, tweaking meth addicts with nothing else in the room except a DVD player and screwdriver. You know you’re gonna see and hear some insane things, and that DVD player is doomed.

However, when I checked out Alex Jones’ yesterday, shit, as they say, got real.

Jones and co-author Paul Joseph Watson posted an extended 1,700 word manifesto titled “Brand Obama: Totalitarianism 2.0.” The epic screed was essentially a list of charges against the president and his so-called “global cabal,” and contained quotes from Ron Paul, Jonathan Turley, the Cato Institute and Barry Goldwater (the quote mentions the “Trilateralist Commission,” a Jones conspiracy theory favorite). Jones and Watson listed the usual gripes: executive orders, blah blah blah, DREAM Act, blah blah blah, Affordable Care Act, blah blah blah, Fast & Furious, etc, etc. All of it leading to the conclusion that Obama is a dictator and “a teleprompter reading sock puppet.”

But then there were the commenters. One after another, various anonymous psychonauts posted one assassination threat after another.

It all began with a commenter called “Wolf007″ who, by the way, appears to be a ring leader in the gun-toting Lord of the Flies InfoWars underworld. “Nevada_Nomad” is evidently his second in command… [CONTINUE READING]