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Alex Jones Rallies Gun Nuts At The Alamo



“Get your guns & head to San Antonio! Line in the sand! Come and take it, San Antonio!”

What was billed as “a peaceful armed march” at the Alamo yesterday, one of history’s most peaceful, non-violent landmarks– the city of San Antonio, Texas was overrun by hundreds of Davy Crockett wannabes with their guns and their flags and their Alex Jones– who reminded the crowd of their violent culture and heritage, and spoke of war like a true mad man of our times:

Via Rawstory:

He went on to call Mexico “a countrywide Chicago,” before suggesting that the Second Amendment also applies to citizens of Mexico. “There is a fight worldwide to take your guns. Dianne Feinstein, ‘Handgun Control Incorporated,’ the few dozen Democratic operatives they’re going to have marching here in a little while, these so-called ‘moms,’ they are here to disarm you while Homeland Security buys tens of thousands of armored vehicles and millions of bullets.”

“If the people who died here can see us, and I believe they can, I promise you they’d be proud of each and every one of you,” he continued. “We’re not going to lay down if you offensively attack us. If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they’ll get.

Arrrggghhh! War is peace! Orwell! Illuminati! Chemtrails! Black choppers!

It wasn’t always like this, where the Alamo was used as a political prop for armed ignoramuses with delusions of grandeur:

From 1905 until 2011, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas were the custodians of the Alamo; but in 2011, custodianship was transferred to the state’s General Land office, the commissioner of which, Jerry Patterson, approved of yesterday’s rally. Patterson is currently running for lieutenant governor.

“I respect the opinions of folks who say this is not the right place,” Patterson told the thousand or so assembled. “But I submit to you there’s one standard we should apply to gatherings here at this sacred cradle of Texas liberty and that is whether our activity and our purpose would be supported by those men who gave it all.”

See? Alex Jones has the full support of those men who gave it all in 1836.

“Remember the Alamo!”

Especially you, Mexico! And Obama! And Dianne Feinstein! And the shrieking voices inside Alex Jones’s head that never sleep!