President Obama

Alienating Blacks with Progressive Kneejerking

Suffice to say, I've been wary of the recent spike in progressive criticism of President Obama -- the kneejerk labeling of his presidency as a failure, and the inexplicably weird move to team up with race-baiting teabaggers and wingnuts.

Aligning with race-baiters and labeling the president a failure -- especially this early -- can only result in the alienation of African American voters, who, even if they don't agree with the president on every policy, hold the president in very high esteem -- and rightfully so.

Last year, 95 percent of black men, and 96 percent of black women voted for the president. The president's approval rating with blacks is 91 percent, according to Gallup.

Now, I'm not suggesting that accountability is out of the question. I just think we can find a better way to do it than by teaming up with teabaggers with their racist signs and questionable motives.