Alito who?

Today, Harry Reid spanked Little George and his 19th-century judge, Strip Search Alito, back below the fold.

We all know Little George is doing all he can -- from his early Monday morning announcement of the judge to yet more bird flu mania today -- to pretend that his administration is not riddled with corruption, and to keep names like Libby and Rove and Cheney out of the news.

And Reid just made the top story the top story again. I mean, please, is there any bigger story than a conspiracy within the highest level of the executive branch to obstruct an investigation into the leaking of a covert operative over charges that a war rationale was lacking. Traitorgate is the only story.

Bill Frist is none too bright to get in front of the mics and call the Dems adhering to Senate rules "a stunt." He's just feeding the story. Like all the other Republicans under investigation, he's making foolish mistakes.

Reid isn't going to be cowed by "Insider Trading" Frist and his grandstanding. Reid knows that every poll out there makes it plain that Americans want to know more about Traitorgate. The only way to get to the bottom of this is to go right at it. The only way to win back the House and the Senate is to go right at the lying, thieving Republicans and shine the bright light of reason and fact on them.

Give 'em hell, Mr. Reid.