Totally About Race

'All About Race'

If Powell's endorsement was "all about race," as Rush Limabugh and others belched out today, why didn't Powell endorse Al Sharpton or Carol Moseley Braun four years ago? Or what about Jesse Jackson in 1988? Or what about Alan Keyes eight years ago or in 1996? Hell, Alan Keyes is running for president this year. And he's a conservative! So... is it really all about race?

And while we're here, I'd like to remind Malkin, Limabugh and Buchanan that a majority African American voters supported -- not Senator Obama but Senator Clinton up until February of this year.

The truth is that it's only "all about race" for the far-right, race-baiting, white shmendricks who desperately want and need this election to be "all about race."