America’s Worst Governor Vetoes Medicaid Expansion

Written by SK Ashby

The Republican-controlled state legislature of Kansas finally approved Medicaid expansion and advanced it to Governor Sam Brownback's desk, but Brownback has vetoed it.

If you take Brownback's reasons at face value, we can only conclude that words have no meaning for Brownback.

The "vulnerable" are the only people covered by Medicaid. That is literally what the program is for.


“The cost of expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare is irresponsible and unsustainable,” Brownback said in his veto message.

Brownback said it is unwise to undertake “such a drastic change to our Medicaid system” in Kansas while Washington continues work to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

“Despite lack of Congressional action last week, The White House and House leadership have restarted negotiations on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act,” Brownback wrote.

We've discussed this at least a hundred times since 2010 but, to be clear, the federal government currently covers at least 95 percent of the cost of expanding Medicaid even under the Trump regime. The money for Medicaid has already been appropriated. It's already law. Brownback isn't saving anyone money, he's costing them money. Federal taxpayers in Kansas are already paying for Medicaid expansion in other states.

And congressional Republicans aren't going to do shit about it. They aren't restarting negotiations. For fuck's sake, the GOP's various factions all declared war on each other this morning.