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An Acronym For The Times

No, not F.U.B.A.R., but close.

Our National Weather Service team at the outpost in Anchorage, Alaska has a message for the federal government: “Please pay us.”

A recent weather update was posted by The Washington Post and picked up by Gawker:


These aren’t volunteer workers and interns, here. These are top scientists in the field who provide an invaluable service to the country. Or, what the GOP would call, The Moocher Class. The House Of Representatives recently agreed unanimously to grant retroactive pay to the 800, 000 federal workers who have already been furloughed once the government reopens. Just writing that last part makes my stomach sick. “Once the federal government reopens.” Before the GOP came along, such words were never written.

Republicans are implementing Paul Ryan’s Path To Prosperity by proxy at the end of a gun and the results are nothing short of criminal negligence.

It’s ironic that they would ever speak of Obamacare– a democratically-enacted law upheld by the courts– as government shoving unpopular ideas down our throats, while forcing the country to shut down to institute their policies.

The Washington Post reports that the message has since been changed, but the original is still posted.

Reporting for The Washington Post, Jason Samenow writes, “To support its mission of protecting life and property and to continue issuing forecasts and warnings, the National Weather Service excepted approximately 3,935 employees from the shutdown.”

Cord Jefferson reporting for Gawker writes, “One wonders how much longer this sense of humor can last.”

Me, too.