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And God Said Unto John Boehner: You’re Imbeciles. Wash It Out!

Weird tid-bit about House Speaker John Boehner’s visions of Republican Jesus coming to visit him and reassure him that a comprehensive deal to mutilate the government was what he was meant achieve. Or not.

A few days into the shutdown, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) prayed and asked God why he was put in charge of coralling the House Republican caucus toward a deal to open the government, according to National Review.

Boehner, as he was praying, thought “there must be a reason” he was in his position, according to sources close to the speaker.

The moment of prayer was a turning point and Boehner began to rally his caucus behind him, according to National Review’s Jonathan Strong.

Boehner proceded with optimism toward a comprehensive deal, something Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) said Boehner has chased for a while.

Jesus saves, but John Boehner withdraws!

This whole asking God to help you destroy the government thing is really starting to creep me out. These are considered the mainstream Republicans, now? Excellent work, Tea Party. You made John Boehner seem like one of the sane ones.