Guns Steve Stockman

And It Just Keeps Happening…

Another baby with a gun for Rep. Steve Stockman’s bumper sticker:

Authorities in southern Indiana say a teenager fatally shot in 12-year-old brother with a rifle he assumed was unloaded.

Jennings County sheriff’s Sgt. James Blevins tells the Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky. that the younger boy died at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, where he was taken after he was shot in the head Monday.

Medics found unresponsive after he was shot by his 16-year-old brother late Monday at the family’s rural home.

Blevins says family members had been target shooting earlier in the day and the teen wrongly assumed the rifle was not loaded.

Oh and here’s a ghoulish video Stockman’s team assembled to promote their awful AR-15 giveaway. This is absolutely real: