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Another Employee Sues Fox News

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Last month, two black employees filed a lawsuit against Fox News alleging that a pattern of racial discrimination in the workplace was ignored by company executives. Seven additional employees joined the lawsuit this week, adding an allegation that former Fox News comptroller Judy Slater forced them to participate in a racist wrestling fantasy.

Another employee, Saturday news anchor Kelly Wright, has joined the lawsuit alleging that Fox co-president Bill Shine ignored his reports of racist comments made by former host Bill O'Reilly.

This latest claim against Fox News also includes an amazing anecdote about former network chief Roger Ailes and another employee.

Today’s court filing also includes new allegations of racism against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes. A former payroll employee named Musfiq Rahman claims that Ailes became “furious” when Rahman mistakenly walked into his office while looking for a colleague on the hall sometime in 2014. The suit suggests that Ailes believed Raham, who is from Bangladesh, was a terrorist because he was dark-skinned (Ailes reportedly believed he was targeted by Al Qaeda for assassination). The suit says, “Ailes ordered that a wall be constructed immediately in his personal office to act as a barrier to entry.” (Last year, Vanity Fair’s Sarah Ellison first reported on the existence of Ailes’s security door, and quoted sources speculating it was to hide Ailes’s sexual harassment.)

Who among us hasn't completely lost their shit because a person of color who works for the company accidentally entered the wrong office?

I wasn't sure what to file this under. It's amazingly racist, but it's also a paranoid fantasy. But I guess I'm repeating myself.

There are rumors that even more employees will soon join or file more lawsuits against Fox.

  • Aynwrong

    Newt Gingrich has responded by calling the accusations a war on Fox News and Hannity is bleating on about “liberal fascism.”

    Am the only one who finds it ironic that debunking this kind of idiocy always seem be so much more tedious than an actual substantive conversation?

  • muselet

    Okay, racist meatsack Roger Ailes encouraged a culture of racism at Fox News and personally behaved like a racist meatsack.

    Got it.

    I’m right there with you on not knowing how to categorize this story. Dog Bites Man, perhaps? Adventures in the Obvious? The best choice, I think, is the category you ultimately chose, Fox News Channel; says it all, dunnit?


  • ninjaf

    I would say, “Wow!” but that just seems underwhelming at this point. I think stunned silence would also be appropriate but, then again, this all seems to fit into everything we have ever heard about the work environment, so what is there to be stunned about?

    I think I may have just hit a point of confusion as to what to feel, if anything on this.