National Security

Another Judge Calls BS On Trump’s “National Security” Bans

Written by SK Ashby

I would tell you that the Trump's regime has offered virtually no evidence to the public that Chinese-owned companies such as video-sharing website TikTok are a legitimate threat to national security, but they also haven't offered any evidence privately or in court.

A second judge under a second district court jurisdiction has ruled that the regime cannot ban Tiktok because, in the judge's word, they acted 'capriciously.'

This ruling may sting more than the first because this ruling was handed down by one of Trump's judges.

U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols in Washington issued an order in a suit filed by TikTok-owner ByteDance more than a month after U.S. judge Wendy Beetlestone in Pennsylvania blocked the same restrictions that were set to take effect on Nov. 12 in a suit brought by some TikTok users. [...]

A TikTok spokesman said it was “pleased that the court agreed with us and granted a preliminary injunction.”

Nichols, who was named to the bench by President Donald Trump last year, said the Commerce Department “likely overstepped” its legal authority in issuing the effective TikTok ban “and acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner by failing to consider obvious alternatives.”

The Commerce Department has the legal authority to regulate commerce that poses a legitimate threat national security as the Trump regime alleges TikTok does, but they haven't demonstrated that. They haven't proven anything.

When Judge Beetlestone (awesome name by the way!) ruled against a ban on TikTok last month, she wrote that the regime's "descriptions of the national security threat" posed by the TikTok app were purely "hypothetical."

Nothing has changed in that regard and you may have noticed that we haven't heard a peep about this case or the supposed threat of TikTok since the presidential election concluded. And I don't necessarily have hard evidence to back this up, but I feel confident in saying that Trump tried to ban TikTok because teenagers used it to disrupt his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma earlier this year. You know, the rally that killed Herman Cain. A supposed threat to "national security" was just the excuse they used to carry out Trump's orders just as it has been in so many previous cases from Trump's trade war with China to tariffs on French cheese.

There's more evidence for my theory than there is that TikTok dance videos are a threat to national security.