Trump Regime

Another Trump Executive is On The Fraud Hotseat

Written by SK Ashby

Prosecutors only chose to indict the company's chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg when the Trump Organization was hit with charges alleging tax fraud, but that doesn't mean they won't file charges against others.

The Daily Beast reports that prosecutors are also narrowing in on Weisselberg's son, Barry Weisselberg, who was apparently involved in a tax-dodging scheme that looks exactly like his father's scheme.

What may make Barry's case more important than others is Trump's name appearing directly on payments that were never reported to state authorities. This included an apartment he lived in for free and money for his kids.

“The value of the lodging provided to [Allen] Weisselberg’s family member constituted income to that family member,” the indictment reads.

Barry Weisselberg was not named in the indictment, but he is the only person who matches the document’s description of a male Weisselberg family member who works at the company and lived there during that time.

Investigators are also examining how the company paid for two Weisselberg children to attend the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. Although the indictment focuses on how grandpa was allegedly on the hook for getting $359,058 in tuition payments from 2012 to 2017 without it appearing on his taxes as additional salary, the checks that Donald Trump allegedly signed himself benefited Barry Weisselberg’s kids.

I don't know if this is a smoking gun, but each of these cases is a demonstration that the Trump Organization was corrupt from the very top. If prosecutors make a case to a judge that the company should be placed in receivership, examples like this is will make the case for them.

Barry was responsible for managing the Wollman ice rink in Central Park whose business operations have always appeared to be shady as described in news reports.