Another Trump Nominee May Withdraw Because He’s Batshit

Written by SK Ashby

Mark Green, a retired Army flight surgeon, may become the second army secretary nominee and third military service secretary nominee to withdraw from consideration because, like the others who came before him, he has too many skeletons in his closet.

In Green's case, the problem is he's an anti-transgender, anti-gay, Islamophobic creationist.

Democrats and LGBT groups have slammed Green over his previous comments on LGBT issues, which included saying: "If you poll the psychiatrists, they're going to tell you that transgender is a disease."

He's also been criticized by Muslim groups for comments about not teaching "the pillars of Islam" in public schools.

On Monday, CNN reported Green is a self-identified creationist who delivered a lecture arguing against the theory of evolution.

Republicans may also be anti-transgender, anti-gay, and anti-many-other-things, but the Army is not and Secretary of Defense James Mattis has no intention (that we know of) of closing the service to gay and transgender soldiers. Actually, it's not clear to me if Mattis could even legally do so at this point even if he had a desire to.

I can scarcely imagine the mess the next administration will have to clean up in four years.