Alternative Energy

Another Victory for Clean Energy

The Obama Administration today shredded miles of red tape and announced the approval of off-shore wind turbine farms off the Atlantic coast, paving the way for private leases.

As part of its clean energy agenda, the Obama administration announced Thursday that it's moving forward to develop wind power off the coasts of four Mid-Atlantic states.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said federal environmental reviews for designated "wind energy areas" off Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia are now complete and find "no significant environmental impact from the development of wind." That finding clears the way for companies to seek leases.

"The wind potential off the Atlantic coast is staggering" and "no developer should have to wait nine to 10 years to get a lease," Salazar told reporters, citing the possible creation of thousands of jobs and power for millions of homes. He said wind power is part of President Obama's "all of the above" energy strategy that also calls for more oil and natural gas development.

But what will all those millionaire shoreline property owners do now that they have their view obstructed by turbines!? I guess they'll have to visit one of their other homes more frequently.

I joke, but that really was one of the sticking points in the approval or disapproval of off-shore turbines.

Also -- just like Bush!