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Another Weekend of Guardian/Snowden Bungling

In case you missed it over the weekend, there were two NSA stories that broke.

First, the Guardian and its sister site, The Observer, posted a ridiculously sourced article about how the United States and six European Union nations were conspiring to “mass harvest” personal data. The post went up on both sites Saturday and then was curiously removed, but not after links and headlines popped up everywhere from Huffington to Drudge.

The source was a crackpot named Wayne Madsen. Madsen, among other things, is an Alex Jones conspiracy theory wingnut and Birther who published an article in 2010 alleging that President Obama was a member of an gay men’s club in Chicago. This was the source for the EU article. A conspiracy theory profiteer.

The article was published in the print edition of The Observer, and the Google cache version can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, another Snowden document was made public. Once again, it had nothing to do with U.S. civil liberties and, instead, covered a plan named “Dropmire,” which involved spying on several dozen EU missions. Yes, another “We spy on our allies! IEEEEE!” story.

If these kinds of stories, including the G20 story, the fiber-optic cable story and the China hacking story, are all that’s left in Snowden’s goody bag, he’s reached the bottom of the barrel.

Yeah, shocker! We spy on other nations. And they spy on us. This is how international relations function. It increases diplomatic insight and prevents misunderstandings, especially between nations with less-than-friendly relationships, which, in turn, prevents wars.

But now, it’s out there. It’s embarrassing to America on the world stage and endangering our relationships by blasting daylight on things that ought to remain unspoken (the overseas spying, specifically). Snowden’s obvious belief that it’s important to expose these operations shows his incredible naivete and, even though he appears to be well-spoken and knowledgeable about IT matters, he has no sense of history or international relations. He simply doesn’t get it, and so he’s randomly chucking documents at reporters without any regard as to what they are or what they signify.

And if he does, in fact, understand what he’s doing and he’s fully aware of how diplomacy operates, and he’s doing this anyway, he’s simply an anarchist.

  • mrbrink

    Just by virtue of being a Ron Paul supporter means that Snowden wishes to see the country stripped and pushed out into the street naked and beholden to passersby.

    You don’t entertain Ron Paul’s raw milk gold standard fantasies and delusions unless you want to see corporations empowered and unaccountable to government while they’re dividing up rights, protections, and the public commons among themselves.

    Department of education– gone.

    Department of energy– gone.

    Commerce– gone.

    Transportation– gone.

    U.S. Embassies– gone

    Gone, gone, gone.

    All that’s left when they’re through is white flight property rights, toxic waste dumps, segregated water fountains and a government knee-capped from responding to everything from diseases to poverty to terrorism and natural disasters.

    • muselet

      You might die a lonely, miserable death, penniless and broken by forces beyond your ken, but at least you’d die free!


      • Victor_the_Crab


  • Badgerite

    Well, that makes sense. I once had a rather well regarded IT guy tell me that Kuwait was on the Mediterranean. He thought it was near Israel. Knowing computers and being well paid for it doesn’t mean you know a lot. It means you know computers. Like an auto mechanic knows a car. That is a rather limited knowledge base.

  • Zen Diesel

    From the phantom zone, Snowden seeks asylum in Mother Russia, I guess the Ecuador thingy isn’t working out. I wonder how long will he get to use the Wikileaks credit card…lol

  • Lady Willpower

    “Don’t shoot the messenger- even if the messenger is an antisemitic, homophobic, tinfoil hat-wearing Birther!”

  • trgahan

    Guardian/Observed is in full “move the goal posts” mode. Wasn’t this about NSA data mining US citizen’s phone and internet accounts? Now we are in Chomsky-eque “Everything US does on the world stage is BAD!” territory.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Greenwald’s reaction this weekend was priceless. Rather than explaining why the story wasn’t bogus, he’s been spitting fire at anyone who dares to imply that there’s a connection between the Guardian and a Sunday paper owned by the Guardian and hosted on the Guardian’s website.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Part of me wants to posture and refrain from further comment on the Snowden/Greenwald media spectacle, but here I go again.
    Snowdon is a young man who has really messed up his life. He’ll either be on the run or in jail for a good part of his life. Not because he’s some kind of hero, but because he is a stupid dolt, a fool, a patsy, a fall guy. Meanwhile, Greenwald will make a million dollars writing a book about the non-event of government authorities spying.
    P.T. Barnum was right and Greenwald knows it!

    • blackdaug

      To repeat myself…and others:
      Phase 1. Snowden is hero! Defender of your right to privacy and your civil liberties! Gallant squire of the 4th amendment! Brave David against the Obama Golieth!

      Phase 2. So what if he is spewing information to our Global competitors about our spying operations against them, we shouldn’t be spying against them anyway! They aren’t our enemies!

      Phase 3. So he’s also giving out information about our counter espionage efforts to anyone who will put him up for a night just to embarass the President..and he says as much…..?.So what? Fuck Snowden, he isn’t important! They are just using him as a distraction to keep us from talking about the REAL issue!

      ……and now Phase 4. Snowden is a hero! He’s like Gandi and Jesus! Defender of your right to privacy and your civil liberties!!!


      • Zen Diesel

        You have just wrote my favorite quote of the day “A mobius loop of troll droppings…..I love it”

        • blackdaug

          yes…and it works on many levels…because they both eat and throw their own poo….endlessly…like a circular troll centipede…

          • Zen Diesel

            Ah, that is very similar to my vision of the parrot monkeys over at Fox News…a circle of poop throwing, poop eating, regurgitating the previous parrot monkey’s poop in the name of fair and balance.

          • blackdaug

            At some point…thousands of years ago…on this blog…I compared it to arguing with a toddler. But if that were really the case, nobody would live past the age of 3.

          • I’ll just put that black bean chalupa off for a while. Thank you.

      • mrbrink

        Ha! Not enough Obama-is-stealing-our-white-women plot thrust.

        This started out as a concern-trolling character assault with pitchforks and a lynching tree all picked out and reached its journalistic false flag apex on day one.

        Now it’s like being forced to endure 12 hours of introductory clarinet practice with a few bathroom breaks because we’re supposed to nurture a spoiled brat with fragile concepts of cruelty.

        • blackdaug

          Go read the comments under this open thread at this site…..and tell me the difference between it and “The Blaze”
          Under a picture of the first black President at a slave depot in Africa:

          Here is a good one now:
          “Maybe he is calculating how many whistleblowers he will need to throw in jail to continue the fascist, rich, white ruling class’s persecution of patriots who are trying to save our democracy from his criminal banker buddies.
          Nah, I agree with the photo op comment. He doesn’t give a shit as to how many Americans he plans to shut up and throw in jail.”

          The smell of group think there is….sickening! A site I used to respect.
          I cant think of a better word than…… infested….

          • It’s so depressing. And maddening. And— like you said— sickening.

            As discouraging and frightening as the Bush years were, they were temporary. What I’m seeing from so many “liberals” and “progressives” makes me want to call myself something else and I can’t imagine what I could say to break the little spell their under.

            I’d love to be convinced that they’re a minority.

  • “We spy on other nations. And they spy on us. This is how international
    relations function. It increases diplomatic insight and prevents
    misunderstandings, especially between nations with less-than-friendly
    relationships, which, in turn, prevents wars.”

    Can you name a war prevented in this way? How do you account for the spying on Security Council non-permanent members in order to ease the passage of the Iraq UNSC resolution?

    • Semanticleo

      It’s economic war. BRICS scares the shite out of the petrodollar. We just want to make sure the EU doesn’t fall for returning to the gold standard.

    • blackdaug

      Out of curiosity, when nobody answers your one millionth ridiculous non sequitur, do you think it is because you have made a point? Or do you realize it is just because it is a ridiculous non sequitur?

      Oh wait…I forgot about the other one….

      • Victor_the_Crab

        Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

      • I don’t care if anybody answers, but I would appreciate it if you explained why one of my comments is a ridiculous non-sequitur.

        • blackdaug

          Did you think I said one “one” of your comments was a ridiculous non sequitur?
          I meant “all” of your comments, and their ensuing smarmy “related to the topic only in your head” questions are examples of ridiculous non sequitur.
          You are a troll….and I am just sick of it. I don’t understand your motivation, your actions and statements don’t make any sense.
          You employ every simple logistical fallacy imaginable…to what end?
          Do you think you are convincing anybody of anything? Do you think you are swaying opinion? Do you even care at this point?
          Nobody answers your questions, because they don’t have any thing to do with the topic! That is a non sequitur! Has this cleared it up for you?

          • Now you are talking about off topic. Non sequitur means it does not follow. Please show me, with as many examples as you wish to provide, where my comments are non sequiturs.

          • Bubble Genius

            I KNOW YOU ARE, BUT WHAT AM I?

          • Bubble Genius


    • D_C_Wilson

      How can you name a war that didn’t happen? That’s like asking someone to name a car accident that was prevented because people didn’t drink and drive.

      • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

        It’s all …..what if? ….with these lunatics. It’s never about facts.
        Do these idiots think child pornographers get caught by law enforcement without internet surveillance?

        • D_C_Wilson

          They’re a lot like the opponents of gay marriage. They never talk about what’s actually happening. It’s always some imaginary hypothetical that they’re convinced is the inevitable result.

      • That’s the point. Your question is for Bob, not me.

        • D_C_Wilson

          Um, no. You’re the one who asked for an example of a war the didn’t happen.

          • It’s called a rhetorical question. In this case it is unanswerable. So Bob shouldn’t be claiming a negative.

          • D_C_Wilson

            Again, you’re accusing Bob of what you’re doing.

          • You’re hopeless.

          • D_C_Wilson

            Sorry that pointing out your bullshit is so upsetting for you.

  • Semanticleo
    • Victor_the_Crab

      What a good little, unhinged Kool-Aid drinker of Greenwald’s you are! (pats its pointy head)

  • Semanticleo
  • missliberties

    LGF has been all over this. Some pretty interesting and revelations there.

    The Guardian and the Observer work in tandem. The WaPo runs with it as does Say what? The librul media has been infiltrated by wingnuts in disguise.

    A former Navy NSA guy is pouring all kinds of water through the holes in the story.

    It would be funny that the MSM has been so duped by this story, except that it represents a tragic and revealing look at how the media works.

    • Rollo Tamasi

      At this point, they’re not being duped. They’re complicit.

  • blackdaug

    I just read a very serious article comparing Snow-wald to Gandhi.
    In the past three days, I have seen them favorably compared to M.L.K, Solzhenitsyn and….of course Jesus.
    On the good side…my face is starting to get numb from all the palming……

    • Semanticleo

      The established principle is, a state cannot prosecute a person for defending human rights. Viewing Snowden as a rights defender short-circuits all the HERO! TRAITOR! HERO!! TRAITOR!! nonsense. The point is not Snowden’s virtues or US interests, but the importance of defending the human rights of privacy and freedom of information.

      • blackdaug

        Well, I guess viewing him that way does defend the point… the top of your head.

      • D_C_Wilson

        Except that the information Snowden is leaking has very little to do with the privacy rights of individuals and more about how one government spies on another government.

        • Semanticleo

          stay tuned. Putin made an odd comment today. He said Snowden should not release any more data that harms US. I suspect a spy-swap, because Obama said he DEFINITELY is not going to play that game

          • D_C_Wilson

            And that has what exactly to do with individual privacy rights?

          • Semanticleo

            Uh,…stay tuned, means this is not over.

          • blackdaug

            Of course its not………

          • D_C_Wilson

            Oh, I thought it meant, “I’m desperately trying to move the goal posts because I got nothing.”

            My mistake.

          • blackdaug

            breaking news….he is an idiot..

          • Semanticleo

            I’m glad your mistake is due to your own thinking, but what makes you think you’re thinking?

          • D_C_Wilson

            Well, I’m not you for one. That’s a good sign that I’m thinking.

    • Holy cats!