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Another letter to frog-lover Dobson

Promoted from the comments section, here's another brilliant letter to Rev. James Dobson regarding his love of anatomically correct amphibians. By commenter "Rev. Paul Gluck".

Dear Dr Dobson,

My wife and I are devout Christians, because of some personal tragedies I suffered as a young gymnast, I am unable to have children of my own.

My wife and I recently adopted two Latino children, Rosaria Maria Constantina age 4 (We call her Cindy) and Juan Alejandro Hector Pedro age 5, (we call him Peppi).

We recieved several of the Ribbits videos for gifts for the children. I must say that as a new parent I have been hyper sensative, as to what my children watch, I dont want to condemn their little hearts to hell.

When I read that your Ministry was behind the videos, I didnt even prescreen them. Boy did I regret that!

Have you watched this filth! Your name is on the boxes, but I cant believe you support this! Most of the frog characters are drawn with HUMAN sex characteristics! Male frogs, have "buldges" between their legs, and since the characters are NOT wearing pants, one can only assume that the "buldges" are exposed sex organs!

There's more -- a 'must read' (graphic image included)...

Dobson frog and Janet

Several of the Female characters, especially "Rosita Anita Juanita Buggita Froggita" are drawn with large breasts that move and undulate as if the women were not wearing bras. I have noticed that the "young children" characters are drawn without clothes, while all of the Adult characters are drawn with clothes.

In my opinion this sends the wrong message to our kids, and it is almost "pornographic" the way all the adults in the stories consort with young undressed children. The characters do not have behaviors of the amphibians they are supposed to be. Your Amphibians, stand on two legs, have visible genetaila and subscribe to sterotypes like the "smart one", the "fat one", the "latin one" etc.

They are drawn enough like humans that small children can grasp the difference.

Yesterday, my boy Peppi, was stripped naked (except for a ball cap) in the back yard hopping around and "ribbiting". when my house cleaner pointed this out to their nanny, she asked Peppi, "What are you doing?"

Peppi replied, "I am being Tad Pole".

After I got the call, I promptly left the office and came home. After my wife had finished cleaning up dinner, we sat down together to watch the videos. I must say that there is a very obvious layer of adult eroticism, and I can not believe that this was intended for small children. I have recently heard of your criticisms towards "SpongeBob Square Pants" and honestly can say that I would rather have my children watch the Playboy channel (channel 595 on Direct TV) than watch your "ribbits", any day.

Stop Taking lessons from Hugh Heffner, Bob Guccione and Larry Flynt!

Concerned Parent and Christian Man