George W. Bush

Answer the question

Courtesy of Democracy Now, from Wednesday's press conference:

REPORTER: That there are some responses that Judge Gonzales gave to his Senate testimony that has troubled some people, specifically his allusion to the fact that cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of some prisoners is not specifically forbidden, so long as it's conducted by the C.I.A. and conducted overseas. Is that a loophole you approve?

GEORGE W. BUSH: Al Gonzales reflects our policy, and that is we don't sanction torture. He will be a great Attorney General. And I call upon the Senate to confirm him.

Let's put the Bush non-answer into real-life perspective:

MOTHER: Did you or did you not plagarize your school paper?
CHILD: Plagarism is wrong, and I'm down with that. I am a really good student, and I want my teacher to see that.

WORKER: Did Johnson complete the proposal for the client?
BOSS: Johnson is an outstanding worker and proposals are important. As are clients. Give Johnson a pat on the back.

WIFE: Do you think it's okay for you to sleep with other women?
HUSBAND: I am a loving husband. I think you should treat me with love and respect.

Write or call your congressperson, and urge the impeachment of this disgrace to the human race.