Anti-Mask Governor Contracts COVID

Written by SK Ashby

Even while the infection rate has soared as high as 20 percent in some parts of Texas over a year after the coronavirus pandemic began, Governor Greg Abbott is waging a war against counties, cities, and school officials who are trying to protect their residents and students from the virus.

Governor Abbott says Texans should be allowed to make their own choice to protect themselves and he apparently made his choice.

The governor has contracted COVID.

He is currently isolated in the governor's mansion and is receiving Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment, the statement said. Abbott is in good health and not currently experiencing any symptoms.

Texas first lady Cecilia Abbott has tested negative and everyone with whom Abbott has been in close contact has been notified, the statement continued. Abbott attended an indoor "Republican Club" event Monday evening, according to photos posted to his Twitter account.

Abbott is reportedly receiving a monoclonal antibody treatment inside the governor's mansion. And that must be very nice for him. He's receiving the best treatment available paid for by taxpayers.

The average American and average Texan is not so fortunate. And you know what? It just occurred to me that it's been about a year since Donald Trump said the exclusive antibody treatment he received would be available to everyone for free, but it isn't. Hundreds of people are still dying every day because it's not widely available.

The Republican party is a suicide cult.