International Relations

AP: 'potential' U.S. invasion of Cuba?

Today, Cuba wrapped up its largest war exercises in 18 years in preparation for what Fidel Castro is calling an impending invasion of Cuba by U.S. forces. The AP:

Thousands of Cubans took to the streets, taking their prearranged places under the doctrine of "The Peoples' War," in which every citizen, young and old, participates in the defense of the country.

"The risks of (U.S.) aggression are real," President Fidel Castro said Sunday on Cuban television.

Since even before the United States launched its unilateral attack on Iraq last year, Cuba has insisted that a similar U.S. strike is possible.

Of course he has every reason to be scared. We're in the era of the Bush Doctrine and no nation is safe, for better or worse. But the headline and wording in the AP story is bizarre. Without getting into deep analysis of semantics, the word "potential" in the headline instead of "hypothetical" is curious. Headlines are vetted by editors and it seems strange that this leading word usage would slip by. Does Castro know something we don't? Or does Vanessa Arrington of the AP know something we don't?