Apology Tour

When will Saint Reagan stop apologizing for America?

Audio recordings recently released by the Reagan presidential library under a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that former President Ronald Reagan apologized profusely to Margaret Thatcher for invading Grenada without consulting her.

via BBC

While US forces were still in action, the president phoned Lady Thatcher to explain the action he had taken.

“If I were there, Margaret,” he said, “I’d throw my hat in the door before I came in.” [...]

“There’s no need for that,” Lady Thatcher replied.

Reagan continued: “We regret very much the embarrassment that’s been caused to you, and I would like to tell you what the story is from our end.”

Reagan reportedly told Thatcher that she wasn’t consulted out of concern that there may be a leak in his office.

Given that it was one conservative saint apologizing to another conservative saint, I suppose it doesn’t count.