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Arizona Lawmakers Want Doctors to Lie to Women

Written by SK Ashby

Why are Arizona Republicans interfering with the doctor-patient relationship?

The Arizona legislature has approved a bill that would force doctors to lie to women.

The bill in question, SB 1318, was originally intended to restrict insurance coverage for abortion services. While that’s still the main function of the legislation, one Republican lawmaker in the state also tacked on a provision requiring doctors to tell patients that “it may be possible to reverse the effects of a medication abortion if the woman changes her mind.”

I can recall a time when the Republican party portrayed itself as the party that will prevent big government from standing between doctors and their patients, but that is exactly what this legislation will do. It will mandate that doctors present incorrect information to their patients.

As ThinkProgress point out, the procedure alluded to by the legislation is little more than placebo junk science that doesn't actually reverse an abortion.

The bill is headed toward Governor Doug Ducey's desk, but as of this writing the governor's office has not stated if he will sign it or not.