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Arizona’s Lie to Women Abortion Law Delayed

Unfortunately the Arizona law that requires doctors to lie to women has not be repealed, however it will not be implemented on schedule.

The state and a group of medical professionals that has sued Arizona over the law have agreed to delay its implementation until federal courts have a chance to rule on the matter.

The law, the first of its kind in the nation, requires abortion providers to tell patients that it is possible to reverse a medication abortion. Three Arizona doctors and Planned Parenthood Arizona filed a federal lawsuit earlier this month challenging the law and asking the court to stop it from going into effect.

Given that it is not actually possible to a reverse an abortion in this manner, it's hard to imagine federal courts will uphold the law which essentially mandates that doctors tell patients something that they know to be a lie.

Even if reversing an abortion were possible, requiring doctors to tell their patients certain things is legally questionable. The Supreme Court affirmed a lower court ruling this week that North Carolina's forced ultrasound law violates the free speech rights of doctors.

In any event, this is Big Deceptive Government brought to you by Republicans.