Arkansas Will Require Doctors to Lie to Women

Written by SK Ashby

The Arkansas legislature has passed its own version of the bill signed into law in Arizona that requires doctors to tell women that their medical abortion can be reversed with an injection of progesterone.

On Monday, Arkansas became the second state to pass such a law, just over a week after Arizona's Republican governor signed a similar measure. A spokeswoman for Americans United for Life, the legal arm of the anti-abortion movement, confirmed that both laws are based on the group's model legislation.

The Arkansas law requires the state health department to produce information on abortion reversal for doctors who will then pass the information on to women.

I imagine this must be a very awkward task for the health department. They are charged with producing information on a fake procedure that doesn't actually reverse an abortion. Assuming that the health department is not staffed by the same quantity of anti-science quacks as the state legislature apparently is, I cannot imagine how they can be expected to go through with this.

The bogus procedure that Arizona and now Arkansas will require doctors to tell their patients about is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It's hard to me to see how it's even legal to require doctors and the health department to offer a procedure that is not approved by any government agency or even any measure of science.

In any event, Arkansas will join Arizona in inserting Big Government between doctors and their patients.