At Tonight’s GOP Debate Some Candidates Have Been Relegated to the Toilet

Written by SK Ashby

Thanks to the RNC, I have laughed the biggest laugh of all laughs.

Several Republican presidential campaigns are mad at the RNC for almost literally placing them in the toilet ahead of tonight's GOP primary debate.

Each campaign was given a tour of their private greenroom space and while some campaigns were afforded plush theater seats and even a Jacuzzi, others were not so fortunate.

Trump was granted a spacious room, complete with plush chairs and a flat-screen TV. Marco Rubio got a theater-type room, packed with leather seats for him and his team of aides. Carly Fiorina’s room had a Jacuzzi.

Then there was Chris Christie, whose small space was dominated by a toilet. So was Rand Paul’s.

No, really.

If there's one thing we can reach a bipartisan consensus on, it's that Rand Paul belongs in the toilet.