Democratic Party

Attack The Strengths

Wayne Slater on Karl Rove's political strategy:

In 2004, the number one thing that John Kerry offered was his heroic service in Vietnam, and so what Rove did was attack the strength of Kerry, not his weakness. What you had to do was confront Kerry's strength in Vietnam by raising doubts about whether or not he was a hero and whether or not his service was really all that noble. And you do that in part with a surrogate group, raising questions about whether his medals were truly warranted, and beyond that, pressing the case of John Kerry, who came back from the war as an opponent of the war.

And here's the new 527 ad presently running in Ohio which picks up on the Clinton campaign's attack on Senator Obama's speeches -- his most visible strength:

Against the Republicans, it's excusable. Against another Democrat? Sorry, no.