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Attorney General Eric Holder With The Quote Of The Week

During his commencement address at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md. yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder broke the mold by addressing with courage and clarity the racial disparities in our criminal justice system and our instituted “policies that impede equal opportunity in fact, if not in form.”

Talking about the “occasional, jarring reminders of discrimination—and the isolated, repugnant, racist views—that in some places have yet to be overcome,” produced by a right wing conservative worldview, especially since 2008, A.G. Holder expounded:

“These outbursts of bigotry, while deplorable, are not the true markers of the struggle that still must be waged, or the work that still needs to be done—because the greatest threats do not announce themselves in screaming headlines,” he continued. “They are more subtle. They cut deeper. And their terrible impact endures long after the headlines have faded and obvious, ignorant expressions of hatred have been marginalized.”

If you continue to disparage this man’s character, sullying the waters of goodwill, you’re either an imbecile, or a racist. Not much of a multiple choice about it.

(ht The Law Office of Edward Tayter)