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Real Issues Vs. Nonsense

Posted by John Christian Plummer Anchor babies and terror babies and Obama birther theories and Louie Gohmert's talkathon rages are nonsense. Sorry, they just are. I know there are some human lives...

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President Obama

Victory for Dialogue

Posted by JumpyPants The President won the Nobel Peace Prize. The scale of this honor is hard to measure, but he's only the third sitting president to do so. The first was Teddy Roosevelt, and the...

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The Obama Recession

Whoops! The number of new housing projects that builders broke ground on in February rose sharply, defying economists' forecasts for yet another drop in activity. The Commerce Department reported...

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The Media

Beck’s Ratings

They're saying that Glenn Beck's ratings on FOX News Channel are good, as opposed to Glenn Beck's formerly sucky ratings on Headline News. Nevertheless, I have a complicated theory to explain this...

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The Media

The Beck Files

Glenn Beck and his punch-me face are plagiarizing conspiracy theories from the X-Files. I'm not making this up. WARNING: watch the video clip from FOX & Friends at your own risk. Beck massaging...

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Open Thread

No Wait!

This is the Doof Quote of the Day: "We are cooling. We are not warming. The warming you see out there, the supposed warming, and I am using my finger quotation marks here, is part of the cooling...

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Doof Quote of the Day

"It's the conservative weekly Human Events. And in the lead article this week, they call it Obama's brazen deception to sell agenda. Essentially the point you just made, that they have, under the...

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How did this slip through the blogotubing cracks? Frank Gaffney of the neoconservative think tank Center for Security Policy on Thursday's edition of Hardball: There‘s also circumstantial evidence...

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Republican Party

Keep Digging

Michele Bachmann after being called on her earmark lie: Well, the average earmark I think for the state of Minnesota for the members of Congress is somewhere around 70,000– $70 million, so mine is...

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Tea Baggery

It occurs to me that the tag bag revolutionaries are mostly middle class people protesting against a tax increase for rich people. I say "mostly" because, statistically speaking, the Obama tax cuts...

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