Bachmann and King Go to the Border to Look for Pregnant Mothers to Kick Out


Outgoing elected crazy person Michele Bachmann and secret border control agent Steve King went to the border to look for immigrants and all they found were fishermen.

Roma, Texas (CNN) -- Michele Bachmann leapt out of a black SUV near a high cliff overlooking the Rio Grande, dashed to the edge of a boulder and scanned the river that divides her country from another.

It was a quiet Friday afternoon in this border town where immigrants routinely sneak across the river in inflatable rafts, climb a ravine and seek shelter in a local church. But at this moment, there was little more to see on the Mexican side than some fishermen casting rods and a few horses snacking near the river.

Okay. That's funny. But why this location?

This is about to get very ugly.

The spot they chose to visit, a Rio Grande overlook near a bridge that connects these two countries, is one they know well. The duo visited this exact place in July, when they took cell phone video of what they said showed a pregnant woman crossing the river.

"It just occurred to me," King said on his second trip here, "the pregnant mother who was put off on the side here, she surely had the baby. That little baby is an American citizen. Last night Barack Obama gave that little baby's mother amnesty. She now has amnesty. Lawless, unconstitutional amnesty."

The baby's mother has "lawless, unconstitutional amnesty" so she can remain with the baby.

This is a crime against Steve King, apparently. Why does Steve King hate mothers? What happened to Family Values? Why does Steve King want the baby to placed under the care of the social safety net that he opposes? Does Steve King want the baby to die alone?

King is wrong, by the way. To qualify for "lawless, unconstitutional amnesty" you have to have lived inside the US for at least five years, so if King and Bachmann discovered Rosemary and her baby six months ago, she wouldn't qualify.

But in King's mind, the president has committed a great offense by allowing mothers to remain with their babies and King hasn't ruled out impeachment.

King can hardly contain his seething, racist contempt.