Bachmann’s Wingnut Theory of Everything and the Freedom Caucus

Former congresswoman and certified crazy person Michele Bachmann spoke to WorldNutDaily yesterday and expressed her derision toward congressional Republican leadership for agreeing to fund the Department of Homeland Security.

That should be expected, but the reason why she's so upset about it is the latest clue that the engine is running but no one is behind the wheel.

“Practically, that bill ensures a Democrat likely will be elected president in 2016 with the Congress willing to double cross the taxpayers by paying for five million illegal work permits, driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers, Medicare, Medicaid and ultimately fraudulently directed efforts to get illegal aliens to the 2016 voting booth,” she said.

Taxpayers do not fund the agency responsible for issuing work permits. The agency is funded entirely by user fees. Drivers licenses also aren't free, but the Department of Homeland Security is not responsible for issuing driver's licenses.

Last time I checked, the Department of Homeland Security also isn't responsible for administering Medicare and Medicaid. The department also isn't responsible for administering the 2016 election which immigrants will allegedly steal while wielding "Obamaphones" according to Bachmann.

Bachmann also claimed that funding the Department of Homeland Security will lead an increase in food stamps spending, but as you might have guessed, the department isn't responsible for administering that program either.

Bachmann may have done the nation and the world a favor by leaving office, but she was replaced by a new generation of unhinged conspiracy theorists who have formed their own caucus where they compare decoder rings and read secret messages. Her contempt for congressional Republican leadership is their contempt.

The votes required to fund the Department of Homeland Security came primarily from Democrats who, in a usual fashion, saved Speaker John Boehner's ass from the rebellious caucus of morons, otherwise known today as the House Freedom Caucus, which is led by the likes of Steve King and Louie Gohmert; close confidants of Bachmann.

(Steve King claims he was punished by Speaker Boehner for leading the rebellion)

As of today, a Congress composed of many chickenhawks still haven't voted to formally authorize military action against the so-called Islamic State although they tell us that ISIS is practically Hitler.

Some believe the president's proposed Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) goes too far while others believe it doesn't go far enough. Others believe the president will somehow use the AUMF to attack our allies and help ISIS.

Michele Bachmann's special brand of insanity is still with us in the House of Representatives today and it has formed its own caucus with enough votes between them to bring practically all significant legislative activity to a stand-still over the next two years.

I cannot imagine that we will make it through the next two years without shutdown of something if not the entire federal government. If we're able to avoid it, it will be because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats save Boehner's bacon again.