Animal Rights

Basted in blood…

SNL did an Update sketch a while back called "Basted in Blood" about the slaughter of turkeys on Thanksgiving. I happen to be one of those moonbat vegetarians who doesn't eat the musculature of animals. So indulge me as I get preachy about it by posting this story from the AP.

The Humane Society is suing the Dept. of Agriculture because poultry isn't covered by the same "humane slaughter" laws as cows and pigs. Tell me if this makes you hungry:

Typically, birds arriving at a slaughterhouse are dumped from their crates onto conveyor belts, then shackled upside down on a conveyor line, the Humane Society said. The humane slaughter act specifically prohibits shackling and hanging of conscious animals by their legs, the Humane Society said.

Birds are then dipped into electrically charged water to stun them, their necks are cut by machine and they are dipped into a scalding vat to loosen feathers, according to the lawsuit.

Studies show that birds defecate and inhale when they are stunned, contaminating the water of the stun bath as well as birds themselves, the Humane Society argued.

Full article here. Enjoy your meal.

About 36 million cattle, 100 million pigs and 3 million sheep and lambs are slaughtered annually, the [Humane Society] said.