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Batshit Campaign Ad Season Arrives Early

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

Batshit campaign ad season usually doesn't arrive until the primary season for the midterm elections, but this is a special occasion.

A special election that will determine who fills the seat left open by Tom Price, who joined the Trump regime to serve as the secretary of Health and Human Services, will be held in approximately two weeks and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff currently holds a commanding lead in the polls.

Ossoff's lead is so substantial, his Republican opponents have now gone full terrorist-sympathizer on him.

Got that? According to the Republican Congressional Leadership Fund, Jon Osoff may be in bed with terrorists, or something, because Al Jazeera, a respected global news organization, donated to his campaign. Also, some right wing asswipes said Al Jazeera speaks for terrorists.

Just a few weeks ago, the Congressional Leadership Fund attacked Osoff for dressing up as Han Solo when he was in college.

The Congressional Leadership Fund is supported by Speaker Paul Ryan's fundraising efforts.

The American Journalism Review was shut down years ago.