Battleship Fracas In The Persian Gulf


U.S. military reports "significant confrontation" between 5 Iranian vessels and 3 U.S. naval ships in Persian Gulf. Details soon.

CNBC is also reporting this. If it's accurate, I'm going to be very sceptical about its veracity, i.e. Gulf of Tonkin. This sort of action is suicide for Iran and they have to know this. Why would they harass us?

UPDATE: It looks like no shots were fired. More like some ship-to-ship bird flipping.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Five Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats harassed and provoked three U.S. Navy ships in the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil shipping route off the Iranian coast, over the weekend, CNN reported on Monday.

Citing unidentified U.S. officials, CNN said the Iranian vessels came within 200 yards (meters) of the U.S. ships in international waters in the strait on Saturday, and U.S. sailors came close to opening fire.