Be Careful What You Wish For

Written by SK Ashby

After the Supreme Court ruled against same-sex marriage bans, senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz called for holding elections for Supreme Court justices.

At a glance that seems like a very bad idea, but Fox News host Megyn Kelly actually brought up a very good point in response.

Kelly then asked Cruz, "How would an electorate that twice elected Barack Obama create a court that you like better than the one we have now?"

It's absolutely true that if you poll Americans on individual topics, the nation as a whole is far more liberal than pundits and politicians would have you believe. And, based on recent polling, most Americans would have no problem electing justices who are in favor of actually upholding the Constitution and the idea of equal justice under the law.

Most American approve of gay marriage. Most Americans are pro-choice. Most Americans support things that are, at times, not fully supported by 5 out of our 4 current justices.

With that said, I wouldn't necessarily embrace the idea. There's no telling what introducing unlimited political spending could do to the highest court in the land; a chaotic scenario that we could also thank the court for.

Cruz shot back at Megyn Kelly and demonstrated that he has just as little self-awareness as we suspect.

"Who in their right mind would design a system where every major public policy issue of the day is decided not by the people, not by the Constitution, not by elected representatives, but by nine elite lawyers in Washington, D.C.?" he asked.

It is the Republican party that has endeavored to litigate nearly every policy of the Obama administration.

If they don't want the Supreme Court to weigh in, they should not initiate frivolous lawsuits that are so ridiculous the chief justice himself has no choice but to dismiss it with prejudice.