Because You’re Blek

The results of this CNN poll are currently making their way around the intertubes.

In general, do you hope that Barack Obama’s policies will succeed or do you hope that his policies will fail?


Succeed 39
Fail 51

51 percent of Republicans hope the president fails.

That may be despicable, but it's not exactly shocking.

The really revealing information comes from other sections of the poll, as Greg Sargent notes.

Even more interesting, when Republicans are then asked about some of the Obama policy ideas themselves — without Obama’s name attached to them — majorities support them.

The only two Obama ideas polled that are opposed by Republicans are an increase of unemployment benefits and tax hikes on those over $250,000. Meanwhile, 58 percent of Republicans support cutting the payroll tax for all workers; 63 percent of Republicans support federal aid to states to hire teachers and first responders; 56 percent support federal spending on infrastructure; and 56 percent of Republicans support raising taxes on millionaires.

But when asked about Obama policies, Repblicans want them to fail. Go figure.

It's because he's "blek" isn't it?